PVW, based in the Maryland/ Virginia/D.C. area, is a juried society of watercolor painters

We are a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote the art and excellence of watercolor painting.
Our members include many watercolor instructors and artists who exhibit at prominent galleries, museums, and nationally acclaimed shows. Some serve as jurors; others give demonstrations and programs for art and community groups.

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September 2015 Featured Artist: Peter Ulrich

Peter says, "It has been fun going through images of my watercolors from the past two years, but very difficult to cull them down to a mere twelve! Some of these are quick studies done in class as quarter-sheet demonstrations pieces, others are larger and more carefully painted works. After choosing these 12, I looked at them all displayed in an array on my computer screen and asked myself why I chose these particular ones. I think the thing that attracted me to this collection is the use of color, in particular warm color, and more to the point, warm color contrasted to cooler, complementary areas. I love to punch up a painting at the end with “jewels” of color.  Isn’t watercolor fun?"




PVW Anniversary publication now available as an ebook!

Celebrating our 40th anniversary, this beautiful book is filled with striking images of members' work along with descriptions of each artist's process. And now you can purchase a Kindle edition for only $5.99 from Amazon. (If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app for most tablets and smartphones.) Check it out!


Exhibitions & events

Brookside Gardens Exhibit
July 11 - Aug. 16
view award-winning paintings

The Workhouse PVW Annual Exhibit
Oct. 10 - Nov. 8

St. Andrew's Show and Sale
Nov. 14-15

postcard painting by Carolyn Grosse Gawarecki