PVW, based in the Maryland/ Virginia/D.C. area, is a juried society of watercolor painters

We are a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote the art and excellence of watercolor painting.
Our members include many watercolor instructors and artists who exhibit at prominent galleries, museums, and nationally acclaimed shows. Some serve as jurors; others give demonstrations and programs for art and community groups.


PVW is delighted to announce the release of our first book!

Honoring our 40th anniversary, the publication is filled with striking images of members' work along with descriptions of each artist's process.

The PVW 40th Anniversary book is now available for sale at all PVW events and at the following locations.

You can purchase your book at the studio of RACHEL COLLINS, #342, at the Torpedo Factory, 105 North Union Street, Alexandria, VA.  
Contact Rachel at 703-838-9695 or at rbcollinsart@yahoo.com, or
you can purchase a book by contacting NANCY WALNES at 703-369-3806 or at nwalnes@comcast.net.  Order a book for pick up in the Manassas area or arrange to have your copy shipped.  

 Now on sale at $30.00, including tax
PVW Members: $25.00 including tax


September 2014 Featured Artist: Ruth Ensley

Many of Ruth's subjects grew from her 12-7ear experience of living in tropical countries. Five of those years were spent in Costa Rica. She became enthralled with the lush greens of the tropical foliage and the vibrant colors of exotic birds, orchids, and bromeliads that one might see in a cloud or a rain forest. 

Ruth holds the hope that her paintings help show what would be lost because of the shrinking forests of the world and the loss of habitat for the unique creatures that live within these forests.