Juror's Statement

Art embodies a secret.  It is a reminder of an intimate exchange between subject and artist that transpires with touch and smell, and intense observation.  To represent a subject is to know it deeply.  It lives inside of the artist, shaping subsequent experiences and subsequent secrets.   

When I look at work, I keep that in mind:  “What secret is the artist sharing with us?”  and “How well did they get to know their subject.”  Are they using technique (or lack thereof) to find something in the subject that allows it to reveal itself?  I like work that has an honesty to it.  A humbleness.  Artwork that pays homage to the subject rather than uses that subject to exercise skill.

Nearly all the works in this show have a certain honesty and humbleness.  (How can we not be humbled by the beauty, complexity, and delicacy of plants?)  But the works I selected to honor have more than just honesty and humbleness, they share secrets.  They reveal the intimate dialogue between themselves and the subject that gives the work impact and created a lasting impression on me. 

Craig Wright’s, “Cactus Patch” was just a bunch of cactus.  Nothing impressive in themselves, but Craig painted them with such appreciation of form and color, and incredible control, that I could not help but be struck by the painting and its realism. 

Sarah Andrews did something similar in, “Forest Camouflage.”  Again, just a thing we may pass by on a walk or hike through the woods, but her color and technique made it special. 

I like the modern and simplified approach Maureen Rabinowitz took in creating, “Looking In,” a picture of a figure in window reflecting a window.  It was a very ambitious subject with beautiful, bright colors, and thoughtful forms. 

The rhythm, scale, and attention to detail in Wei Lang’s, “Fun Time” was impressive, and I fell in love with Jane Thomas’s, “Kitchen table.”  It is the epitome of intimacy.  I felt immersed in the envelope of space and light she created. 

All other paintings demonstrated a beauty of color and technique were commendable.  Overall, I enjoyed seeing the variety of approaches and wonderful talent of all the artists whose work was present.  It was a real treat to jury this springtime exhibit that is such a celebration of the season.