PVW, based in the Maryland/ Virginia/D.C. area, is a juried society of watercolor painters

We are a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote the art and excellence of watercolor painting.
Our members include many watercolor instructors and artists who exhibit at prominent galleries, museums, and nationally acclaimed shows. Some serve as jurors; others give demonstrations and programs for art and community groups.

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PVW Online Summer Exhibition

Follow this link to see 162 paintings by PVW members, including this
1st Prize winner, Winter Blues, by Jean Gill.


Featured Artist for August - Sarah Andrews

Growing up in a military family, I moved frequently as a child.  In each new town or city, the first stop was the local museum, inspiring a love of history, architecture and the decorative arts.  I’m compelled by the way everyday objects can be beautiful when viewed from a particular angle, in a certain light or up close.  
My painting is eclectic as I search for ‘my style,’ experimenting in many different techniques, but I’ve consistently come back to the texture and fall of light and shadow on everyday spaces and objects.  I’m currently working on a series of paintings all “Looking Up” at architectural features but am getting distracted by the wonderful opportunities afforded by backlit subjects on Yupo.  You’ll see a little bit of everything here – enjoy!


Exhibitions & events

PVW Fall Online Exhibition
October 15 - Dec 31 2020

PVW Summer Online Exhibition
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